Snapshots of a Wo/Man is LIVE!

Snapshots of a Wo/Man is a gender debating art hybrid made by a Danish collective:

Male musician TOMAS HØFFDING (WhoMadeWho, Lydmor & Bon Homme etc.).

Male film director TOR NYGÅRD KOLDING (Nine Rocks)

Female musician A MESS (Two Trick Pony, Dorte Hartmann)

We want to change how we debate gender and we want to do it through music, mini-docs and dialogue.

We want to stir up predefined stereotypes, reduce misunderstandings and generally find a common ground when we talk about how we walk the earth as both male and female individuals. When are we alike and when are we completely different?

We do it through personal stories told in songs, discussed in public at our SNAPSPOTS events together with YOU, documented in mini-docs with inputs from public opinionators as Danish celeb Christine Feldthaus and enfant terrible Rene Fredensborg. That is Snapshots of a Wo/Man.

We will debate everyday topics in a male and a female POV:
Dating (as a man, as a woman)

Adultery (do or don’t?)

Consent (the grey zone)

Power (norms and expectations)

Children (yes/no?)

Friendships (the importance or lack of..).

Snapshots of a Wo/Man are songs and mini-documentaries and live music/debate sessions as perceived by the two (of the) genders: Man and Woman.

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