A Mess

Danish Rock n’ Riot Grrrl A Mess is a one-badass-woman army armed with electric guitar. She is honest as hell with both witty as well as serious lyrical perspectives, invigorating melodies, playful guitar licks and a hook-filled expression of being a woman of today. She is head on and fucks with predefined notions. Visions Magazine (DE) calls it “feministic power pop driven by raw guitar riffs” . A Mess strikes the chord to songs about #metoo, gender perceptions and sex. The sound relies on guitar driven indie virtues and an early nineties’ vibe. Imagine if The Breeders bred Avril Lavigne and left the upbringing to Pussy Riot.

A Mess’ sophomore EP NO MAN’ (Jan. 2024) stirs substantial attention with her mix of political activism fighting for female rights and upbeat and pop-punk indie sound. ‘Happy’ and ‘Gender
Traitor’ and ‘We Gonna Fight’ are already gaining traction with steady rotation on German and
Danish Radio.
The debut EP ‘WOMAN’ (Oct. 21) earned rave 5-star reviews from notable platforms like Pretty in
Noise (DE), GAFFA (DK), and Good Because Danish (INT) discussing sexual consent, slut shaming and
smashing female stereotypes.
In 2024, A Mess embarks on European tours after a series of critically acclaimed live performances,
at the SPOT Festival (DK), Smukfest (DK), and headlining the Swiss Nordklang Festival and 4 tours
playing live all over DE, AT, CH and CZ.
Dorte Hartmann, the visionary behind A Mess, leads this dynamic two-piece with vocals/guitar,
accompanied by drums played by Per Gerhard Jørgensen.