Danish emo-hard band OMSORG releases their new EP ‘Echoes’ on Puffin Artlab the 17th of May 2024.

First single Resurgence is out the 29th of March on all streaming platforms. Click here.

The Danish hardcore trio OMSORG balances savagery and vulnerability through four songs that deliver highly personal songwriting driven by social indignation, a will to live, and an insistence on love and friendship despite existential suffering, self-destructiveness, and structural pressure.
They are confirmed to play Roskilde Festival this summer ’24 and legendary Manchester Punk Fest in March and has already toured UK and Scandinavia and gotten rave reviews both live and for their debut EP. OMSORG is aiming to hit it big in 2024 – follow their journey here.

Formed in Aalborg during the lockdown in 2020, guitarist/vocalist Jan Fenger Christensen and bassist/vocalist Trong Minh Le, old friends from the skateboarding scene in the small North Jutland town of Hjørring, joined forces with drummer Mads Skannerup Hansen. Shortly after their formation, they recorded two songs, that garnered attention and led to the first shows, a DK tour with Demersal, and later a two-week Europe tour with the same band.

In 2022, Omsorg recorded their debut album with producer Jacob Bredahl (Lifesick, Eyes), and when ‘Moments, Movements’ was released in 2023, it resonated in the scene with its contemporary and lyrically gripping emotional hardcore. Following the release, a series of well-attended DK shows followed, where the band truly connected with the Danish audience, including supporting Zeal & Ardor, performances at When CopenHell Freezes Over and SPOT METAL, as well as an EU/UK tour with Hoi-Poi solidifying the band as an important new name on the European punk/HC scene.
Photo: Morten Holmsgaard