A Mess & Her Team – Expansion!

Behind every great woman there is…a team! ❤️ Here follows a presentation of Puffin Artlab’s new collaborators for the indie rock sensation A Mess.

A MESS – Photo Tor Kolding

New team, new times, new ambitions!
2021 has so far been surprisingly good to A Mess 🔥. The two first debut singles have been very well recieved and A Mess has been on national TV, a lot of music mags and blogs, playlists and is currently on rotation on national radio.

It means A Mess expands her one-woman army. We are proud to get Mikkel Wad Larsen on the messy team as the export manager, Austrian Rola Music as  booking and promotion team and Magnifique / Magnus Grilstad as the Danish PR-team. A Mess continue the work with ever-talented film director Tor Kolding and drummer boy Silas Lind. And a shout out goes to main musical side kick Niels Thorhauge.

World prepare for A Mess.

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